Automate messages
Email your customers at any stage of consignment process
Bulk editing
Bulk edit all your inventory with ease
Sneakers, luxury & watch catalogue  
Add products from our catalogue that we update daily
View all incoming inventory & all consignment requests.
Simple view of all invite your consignors are bring in
Multi-Store Integration
Effortlessly manage multiple stores from a single platform.
Automatic syncs to shopify
All inventory changes, sales, price change, returns and more
Secure customer accounts
Enable customers to login and account recovery.
Revenue, cost, profit, payouts, inventory value and more
Buy and sell portal
Want to offer cash out?  Set up within one link on your website
Sync to your POS
Square, lightspeed, clover, Shopify POS
View lowest prices
View lowest prices within all inventory
Mobile update
Mobile optimized
Stock Keep
Scan all your tags and view any dependency in your inventory  
Stock Keep
Target your audience effectively with customer segmentation.
Employee controlled options
Download exports
Export orders, inventory and more in CSV format.
Create a marketplace
Let consignors list inventory and ship after the item is sold
Create fees
Create fees, flat rates and more
Sync lowest prices
Sync only the lowest price OR store owned inventory to your POS and website first
Instantly update discounts to inventory
Add any discount after x days your inventory is active
Stock Keep
Scan all your tags and view any dependency in your inventory  
Barecode solution
Unique barecodes for each of your items
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