Buy inventory for 22% cheaper
by letting seller request cash out.

Our portal lets sellers submit cash out
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How it works

1. Add a sell now button on your website

2. Sellers add all their inventory they want to sell within your portal

3. You accept or negotiate and accept the drop-off

The tech needed to differentiate
from your competition


View all your inventory in one place and all your best sellers and what inventory you need

Let sellers request buyout online

View and accept all the inventory your sellers are looking to sell to you

Give your employee their in-store app to check store stock for your customers

Request inventory on low stock inventory from your sellers and community within one link

Build a your own sellers list

Leverage our catalogue of every product title,SKU, and images that get synced into your website so you don't have to.

Allow customers to pre-order inventory and notify your sellers of inventory that is needed to quick sell.

Price to fit all stores



Let sellers request cash out
View all offers
Negotiate prices




Let consignors request cash out
View all offers, request price change, and negotiate
Inventory management

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