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Consignment should be simple and profitable.

Average stores 3x their consignment inventory within 2 months by offering  & adding a consignor portal on their website.

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Your intake process is confusing and not scaleable

Goodbye dms, emails and google sheets to manage your consignment and store inventory. Trace lets your consignors sign up/log in and request consignment

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After Trace

Consignor Portal


Let your consignors request consignment & manage inventory within your portal.

All consignors get automatic alerts for when their items sell,  get accepted and get paid.

Consignors can view low-stock items your store needs.

View/match lowest price and stay competitive with other consignors

Give your consignors their own portal they can sign up & consign and manage

Admin Portal


Instantly sync inventory in Shopify & POS

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View all your inventory all within one glance

View and accept all the inventory your consignors are looking to bring in

Give your employees their own app to check store stock when customers ask

View all payouts that need to be made out and instantly send with ACH

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Seamless payouts


ACH at low fees

Collect all your consignor's bank info through the portal and process batch payouts on your schedule.
Set a fee to charge your consigner for a payout
We process the payment instantly into the consignors bank or zelle
You make all the fee minus our tiny ACH  processing fee (AVG store makes 3,2k a month)

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