Streamline your resell store

Stores rely on Trace to bring in more consignment, manage inventory and send payouts instantly with ACH.

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Streamline your resell store

Trusted by sneaker stores, luxury, buy out and more around the world
Inventory & consignor management
  • View all your inventory and your consignors
  • Quick product upload with our catalogue of all items you can think off
  • Create barecodes, pull reports, create consignor accounts and more
Portal for consignors & sellers
  • Allow your consignors to request consignment within your portal  
  • Consignors get auto emails after sales, price change, payment, and others
Payouts visablity
  • View all payouts by the consignor
  • Send ACH payouts for low fees at no limits
  • Export reports
Sync with your shopify store
  • Syncs to your POS and updates your sales
  • Syncs all inventory added + images, title and more
  • All updates on Shopify & Trace instantly updates both

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Quickly add products from our Sneaker,Watch, luxury catalogue
Revenue, cost, profit, payouts, inventory value and more
Sync into Square, lightspeed, clover, Shopify POS
Instantly update discounts to inventory after x days
Download inventory reports, payout & sales reports
View all incoming inventory & all consignment requests.
Automate messages to your consignors after sales, payment, and more
Auto update your inventory status

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